Publications and prizes


2020: In Praise of Hands, a collaboration with woodblock artist Naoko Matsubara, published by the Ashmolean Museum

Poems featured in POETRY (Chicago)

2018: Ship of the Line and second collection, Who Goes There?, launched by Valley Press


Poems have also appeared, or are forthcoming, in:

Anthropocene, The Rialto, The Bridport Prize Anthology, The Sunday Times, The North, Bad Lilies, bath magg, The Literateur, Magma, Mslexia, Gutter, Grey Suit, The York Literary Review, The Scotsman, 154 (Live Canon), The Poet’s Quest for God (Eyewear Publishing), The Forward Book of Poetry 2015, The Oxonian Review, Cycle Lifestyle, The Harlequin, The Scallop Shell, The Salt Book of Younger Poets (Salt), Tate Etc, Eight Poets (UEA Anthology, Egg Box Publishing).


Awards and Grants

Arts Council England, 2021

The Authors’ Foundation, 2019

Northern Writers’ Award, 2019

Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, 2016



Poems have won or been placed in the Bridport, Mslexia, Charles Causley, Buzzwords, Cafe Writers, Ware, Bolton, Elmet, Jane Martin, Sentinel, Oxonian, Frederick van Eeden, Segora and Live Canon competitions.


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