Grand Tour


Ice overtakes the unpeopled rocks

and robs them of contour.


The traveller draws the blinds

against this scentless view.


Where the road dwindles he’ll step out,

dismantle the coach, and climb

in the sedan’s cushioned nest to the peak.


His sketchbook is filled with vast

hellish scenes of rocks and nothing.


He takes his scenery

like his coffee, at a sit.


– from Ship of the Line (2014)

4 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Sheila Kay Sly says:

    I love the sparse way this poem is set on the page and the economy of words. Both add to atmosphere of the wild empty landscape it describes. The final lines give us an amusing glimpse at this eccentric traveller’s character.

  2. nairneplouviez says:

    Yes a revelation so minimal and visual. I knew about arranging words on the page but when writing sometimes get carried away and forget, Many drafts necessary. Thanks.

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